Character project developed for the Pictoplasma Academy All Stars Group Show.  This Characters are lightly based on Aymara culture, their cosmovision and the Diablada dances. In this culture, there are 3 planes of existence, the Uku, Aka and Alax (all of them equivalent to Hell, Earth and Heaven respectively). If we analyze Diablada dances and costumes, we find that the three of these concepts are represented in it, thus I imagined creating a character in which all three of these ideas live, in the shape of spirits. A possessed Diablada-inspired suit, inhabited by spirits of hell, heaven and earth, and simply named "El Diablo":
Fun Fact: the "Uku" wasn't actually a bad place for the Aymara culture, it was just a place for the afterlife. When spanish people came to our land, they brought the concepts of heaven and hell, good and evil. Thus the devil in this culture is not a purely evil being, but more of a trickster and funny fella, which explains the color choice for this character.
UKU, The Hell Spirit. 
AKA, The Earth Spirit
ALAX, The Heaven Spirit.
El Diablo
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