Commision for an startup brand focused on esports inspired gifts and merchandising. The task at hand was to create two original artworks featuring two of the most popular League of Legends players at the moment: Bjergsen and DoubleLift, fusing both of them with their signature in-game champions. For this result, elements were taken from the chosen characters, from their weapons, to outfit choices, palettes and overall attitude so they would be clearly reflected on the players and easily recognizable by fans of the game.

Player: Bjergsen  / Champion: Syndra
Bjergsen is an esports player from Team Solo Mid. Syndra is his preffered in game champion. The chosen traits from this character that have been merged with the player are the champion's crown and it's signature weapon, dark energy spheres. Aside from those, Bjergsen's team outfit has been modified to fit the champion's aesthethic.
Player: DoubleLift  / Champion: Jinx
DoubleLift is an esports player who currently plays fro TeamLiquid. His preffered champion is Jinx. Both DoubleLift and Jinx have an over the top attitude, which was reflected on this artworks color palette and character pose. Traits taken from the character and applied to the esports player are: Weapons (Cannon, handgun, bullets and machinegun). Some parts of Jinx's outfit were also merged with DoubleLift's team uniform.

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