Even though i've never trusted 100% the idea that one's life and personality is dictated by the stars and a higher power, the Zodiac concept has always enticed me, mainly because of the symbolism that comes along with it. The mythical creatures, objects, hybrid animals and the idea that these characters dwell among the stars, dictating human being's decisions and life outcomes, give me the image of ancient gods, relics of an ancient time and culture that revered them.
For this project i've rendered each of the 12 zodiac signs as an astral being, a diety if you will. Each character, follows a determined layout and recurrent motifs, such as planets and stars that surround and interact with them. Some keeping their organic and natural bodies, others crumbling away in a time where their presence is less relevant and taken with skepticism.
This project has been an on and off  task, worked in between other projects and ideas that i'm currently developing. Process pictures and quick videos have been documented on my instagram profile, please enjoy!
Created: February 2nd 2018
Created: February 6th 2018
Created: February 10th 2018
Created: May 7th 2018
Created: July 30th 2018
Created: August 4th 2018
Created: August 9th 2018
Created: August 27th 2018
Created: September 3rd 2018
Created: September 10th 2018
Created: September 19th 2018
Created: September 26th 2018

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