This year, I decided to upgrade my 30 DAYS / 30 CHARACTERS personal challenge (2017) into a dynamic that any artist with the desire to challenge themselves could join.  During the month of September, artists from all over the world took hold of the #30DAYS30CHARACTERS hashtag on Instagram and shared their daily characters for the world to see.  To keep it organized and in order to create interest, a prompt list was created with 30 topics to use daily during the whole month. A set of some basic rules was also created and posted on the challenge's official instagram account @30days30characters which served as a gallery that was updated constantly with the submissions from all participating artists.  This challenge will become an anual event, hopefully gathering more and more illustrators until we create a big worldwide community. This year the challenge gathered around 150+ artists from a variety of different backgrounds and nationalities. Be sure to check out instagram profile and the #30DAYS30CHARACTERS hashtag to view all of the participant's wonderful daily creations!

Prompt list and rules for the challenge's main account.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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