This September, I decided to challenge myself on a daily basis. I named this challenge The 30 Days / 30 Characters Challenge. As the name implies, I would create one completely new character every day all the way through the month during my free time. All 30 characters have different influences, different concepts and inspirations, amongst which there's RPG Games, Music Genres, Peruvian Culture, Japanese Culture, Robots, Religion, Nature and streetwear fashion. This project was documented daily on my instagram page.
01/30 - "The Soul Guardian"
Inspiration: Medieval Armor, RPG Videogames, Figurines
02/30 - "The Aesthetic Sadboy"
Inspiration: Vaporwave Subculture, Internet Aesthetics
03/30 - "The Sun"
Inspiration: Tarot cards, Space and Galaxies
04/30 - "The Critical Skeleton"
Inspiration: RolePlaying tabletop games, Witchcraft
05/30 - "The Gator Caravan"
Inspiration: Nature, Crystals and Quartz, Esotericism
06/30 - "The Newborn Daemon"
Inspiration: Religion, Demonology, RPG Gaming

07/30 - "The Blind King"
Inspiration: Medieval times, Occultism
08/30 - "The Golden Liger"
Influences: Street Fashion, Nature, Retro Movies
09/30 - "The StreetWolf"
Influences: Street Fashion, Nature, Retro Movies
10/30 - "The Burning Witch"
Influences: Occultism, WitchCraft, Salem Witch trials
11/30 - "The Pangolin Merchant"
Inspiration: Desert Merchants, Nature, Arabia
12/30 - "The HypeBird"
Influences: Street Fashion, Nature, Retro Movies
13/30 - "The Space Dog L41K4"
Inspiration: Space Programs, Laika the Space dog, Mecha Design
14/30 - "The Slow-ish Killer"
Influences: Street Fashion, Nature, Anime
15/30 - "The Tengu Baller"
Influences: Street Fashion, Japanese culture, Pop Culture
16/30 - "The Sipan Guardian"
Influences: Peruvian Culture, Sipan Culture, Ceremonial Knives
17/30 - "The Infected Gentleman"
Influences: Cordyceps, Fungi, Nature, High Fashion
18/30 - "The Burning Eagle"
Influences: Street Fashion, Nature, Retro Movies
19/30 - "The Red Mage"
Inspiration: Religion, RPG Gaming, Witchcraft
20/30 - "The Pastel Witch"
Inspiration: Religion, Witchcraft, Anime culture
21/30 - "The Capsule Idol"
Inspiration: Technopop graphics, Religion
22/30 - "The Decay Turtle"
Inspiration: Nature, Death, Insects
23/30 - "The HypeBeast"
Inspiration: StreetWear, Demonology, Pop Culture
24/30 - "The Handyman"
Inspiration: Hip Hop, Fashion
25/30 - "The Bad Luck Cat"
Inspiration: Asian Culture, Maneki Neko, Charms
26/30 - "The Boy General"
Inspiration: Anime Culture, Sci Fi
27/30 - "The Cult Leader"
Inspiration: Religion, Cults, Occultism, Witchcraft
28/30 - "The Heavy Croc"
Inspiration: Hip Hop Culture, Nature, Streetwear
29/30 - "The Rebel Deadman"
Inspiration: Punk Subculture, Death, Anarchy
30/30 - "The Burningman"
Inspiration: Streetwear, Music
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